We haven't been on a vacation

as a family since Soren was born. And I'm talking about a real vacation, that's not tied up in a wedding I'm shooting or an overnight trip to Crystal River. I mean some days where there's no expectations except to just be and have fun. That was my plan for this trip and it seems so long ago, but it was only 6 weeks.

Long story short, I was given a 3 day weekend car rental from Enterprise because they TOTALLY messed up a rental I needed for a job last year. After must deliberation and rescheduling we settled on Savannah, Ga. We go there frequently, but this time I opted for Tybee Island and beach adjacent because of babies. Much to my dismay though, it is still cold in Georgia in early February. I don't think anyone else minded, to be honest. So instead of hours of playing in the sand every day we played in an amazing park on the island and walked to get snacks and coffee.

We stayed in this perfect little Air BnB 4 blocks from the beach. Our host was fantastic -- She even gave the kids each a book and let us borrow some baby items she had! Aoife calls this place the Banana House and wants to go back to badly!

Here is the link! https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/27433925?s=67&sharer_id=131645599&unique_share_id=1c6aa768-232c-4b0e-bbee-2a1ba67fd3ab

I had big plans for this trip

Even though one of them was to not have an official plan. I wanted to take LOADS of photos of my kids just hanging out and playing. I didn't really break out my camera until the last night we were there and then the morning before we left and it was actually nice enough to go to the beach. I'm tired. Two kids are a handful, so it is always hard for me to 'work' at the same time as I'm parenting. I'm trying to get better and I love the images I do have from our trip.