Like Moana, the sea calls to me.

I just showed my 'motherhood'. Now everyone knows my house is run by toddlers. Don't event try to tell me that Moana isn't one of the best Disney movies. We watch it every weekend. But, nonetheless, I'm drawn to this stretch of beach, so drawn, I try and make it out there a couple times a year for sessions. It's only 1:45 minutes away and feels like a different land.

But the mama here,

is my fave. Second babe, second time photographing her on this beach. The years and pregnancies look different this time and I love this evolution.

It was also our second attempt.

We drove up to the beach two weeks prior, we're hoping to beat the Florida storm, but had no such luck. It was raining and storming making it too dark at this seaside escape. We had dinner then drove home. C'est la vie.

This next time I was determined to make it work.

The tide and wind almost knocked us down a few times, we had forgotten a few items that would make our session a little easier, but I'm so glad we did it, because her little one made her appearance 4 weeks early!

I am so in love with these images. I can taste the saltwater that splashed us, I can feel the course sand beneath our toes and I can hear the waves crashing on the rocks and the sea foam bubbling up.