This is the session I have been waiting for.

I have wanted to photograph a birth for the longest time. A home birth, a hospital birth an anywhere birth. But the stars did not align for previous clients or my maternity session mama's opted out. I didn't have a photographer at my own two births and really wanted to test the water with Birth Photography.

Stefani is SOOOO ready to meet her babe.

So then I drive.

An hour out of town to meet my two very good friends and document their tranquil home birth. But, if you've ever had a baby or been a part of the entire birth process, you have probably seen that things don't go according to plan.

This was one of those times. (spoiler :) everyone is safe and healthy)

Stefani labored all of Saturday night hard. Her contracts didn't let up and she was exhausted. Trenton, was by her side the whole time. I've never seen a more supportive partner. When I look back at their photos a realize how tired he was too. Staying awake with her, trying to make her feel comfortable, and trying to ease the pain.

It was time for a change.

Stefani wasn't progressing. She was in pain. She was exhausted.

They elected to drive to Shands and be transferred to Labor & Delivery there in the hopes of getting an epidural and taking a nap before baby arrived.

Once everyone was settled in to the hospital and the epidural was placed, she was able to nap. I was able to speed home for some times with my little ones and a short nap. I head back around 8pm. Still no progress. Everyone is exhausted. She has been in labor for over 24 hours. They decide to move towards a cesarean section.

Birth plans change, and things don't go the way you want. Stefani accepted and adapted to her birth so graciously. It was beautiful.

It was in the early morning

When she was finally able to meet her sweet little one. Bigger than they expected and full of life.

It was done. She was safe. He was safe. He was finally here.

Welcome sweet little Knox James.