I have spent a lot of time hating on Florida.

I'm from Upstate New York and it's been hard to shake my favoritism for the Empire State. Florida was too flat. Too hot. And Ocala was too boring. The older I get, or the more time I spend here and the more babies I have here (awaiting #3), the more a find little pockets of beauty.

Enter the cows

There was a field right across from the area where I was photographing Jessica and Ryan. It had a huge herd of cows that were just staring. I HAD to try to get them in the shot. So we went inside the pasture. and tried to coax them towards us. They didn't get close enough for Jessica to touch them, but they we're oh so adorable!

Each session

Towards the end, I ask my client if they mind do something for me. Usually something a little more creative or something I haven't tried yet. Jessica was a trooper, we were losing light, but she made it work!

Let's work together.

And I don't mean that in a 'hire me' kind of way. I really think that the best images are the ones that we can create together. I love being with a client and they have some ideas and I have some of my own and we just vibe during the session. Some things work and some things don't, but when they do -- They're really special.

Please, reach out and let's grab some coffee so we can create something really special!